StubHub Transitions from Monthly to Daily Mobile App Releases and Ensures Compliance with PCI


StubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, needed to accelerate its mobile app delivery to stay competitive. It took more than three weeks to create new development and testing environments, which resulted in delayed releases with fewer features—just as their mobile adoption was growing. In addition, developers were generating synthetic data to make up for the delay and that could take up 20 percent of the project time.


StubHub embarked on an IT transformation journey aimed at helping development teams build better software faster and more securely. They implemented Delphix data virtualization and masking to achieve this. Delphix has enabled them to create dev environments on demand, so developers can release a new feature, run a test and then flash back to the starting point and run it again with some optimization.


With Delphix virtualization, Stubhub provisioned 200+ virtualized environments and moved from monthly to daily releases. With Delphix masking, Stubhub increased data security to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and accelerated their daily release cycles by 5-10x. As a result, StubHub’s revenue from mobile app purchases increased by nearly 30 percent.

The problem of having good test data has plagued us forever and Delphix allows us to have fresher test data. Delphix is key to us having the agility and speed to create dev environments on demand, with full sets of data.
CIO, Stubhub

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