Delphix Accelerates ERP Migration And Data Center Consolidation While Improving Operational Performance
3 Weeks

Delphix deployment

3 Hours

Environment provisioning time


Storage savings

U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) is a cross-functional agency that manages the information systems supporting Army and Department of Defense (DOD) communications, logistics, medical, finance, personnel, training, and procurement.

Under the leadership of PEO EIS, the U.S. Army Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) maintains one of the largest supply chain, maintenance, and financial management systems in the world. LMP supports system operations in the execution of the Army’s global logistics mission.

In recent years, the U.S. federal government has launched several initiatives with the goal of optimizing the efficiency of its agencies’ IT landscape. Launched in 2010, the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDDCI) focuses on eliminating redundancy in federal data center infrastructure and reducing unnecessary spending.

In July 2013, under the guidelines of the FDDCI, PEO EIS launched an infrastructure modernization project that required migration of LMP assets—including the Army’s five major ERP systems—from local data centers to a modern, secure, standardized, and centralized facility run by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).


The DoD mandate required that the project be completed by 2018, but even with five years to plan and execute the transition, PEO EIS teams faced significant challenges that threatened to undermine the success of the program. The project scope required migrating a number of databases, while continuing to support ongoing operations of the LMP. Conventional data migration methods and tools quickly proved insufficient when dealing with large volumes of data in a mission-critical environment:

  • Standard migration plans called for an expensive and time-consuming physical move, with complex and often error-prone requirements for backup, migration, loading, and testing of new systems.
  • Data grew stale in test environments, jeopardizing QA efforts during transition and increasing the probability of issues slipping into production post-migration.
  • The data center move required extensive re-platforming on Oracle SuperCluster systems, driving new requirements for additional proprietary and costly storage infrastructure.

Solution & Result

The Army chose Delphix to accelerate the migration to DISA and support the agency’s mission to enable better IT service delivery under the federal mandate. Deployment of Delphix commenced in mid-July, and launched in early-August—just three weeks later. Delphix enabled a smooth transition to the new platform, while lowering ongoing costs, improving operational performance, and maximizing the efficiency of IT assets going forward.

Delphix gave PEO EIS project teams the ability to provision space-efficient ERP application environments for support, testing, training, and archiving purposes following the migration. Greater environment availability coupled with the ability to quickly refresh and reset data translated into a significant increase in productivity, more effective resolution of production issues, and overall reduced testing timelines for all related migration and re-platforming activities.

Delphix will continue to be used for follow-on directives, such as the Data Center Optimization Initiative launched in 2016, which focuses on implementing new platforms and technologies—including cloud, shared services, and virtualization—to save costs, increase IT efficiency, and accelerate digital service delivery.

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