Delphix Data Platform Roadshow

Where Data Operators and Data Consumers Connect

Data consumers - developers, testers and analysts -  are being asked by the business to move and innovate faster. Data operators - DBAs, infosec, sys admins -  are being asked to secure, scale and back up data so that nothing is lost. Everyone is doing the right thing, and yet there’s this incredible amount of friction because it’s a reactive model.

The reactive model can be switched on its head, allowing operators to set up a wide range of governance policies for where the data is stored, how it’s accessible, and what data can be shared and to whom. With a DataOps platform, operators, like SREs with DevOps, have a platform in which the data consumers can now have self-service access to data and can operate at a much faster rate.

Workshop Approach

In this half day workshop we’ll provide a quick introduction to Delphix and share how aligning data teams and technology can transform the way you do business.

Through a lab environment, data operators will see the magic of how easy it is to virtualize, manage and secure data and enable personal virtualized data environments for the data requestors. Data consumers will see how personal virtualized data environments that can be manipulated at will, completely change the speed and quality of development.