press - Aug 03, 2017

Delphix Increases Speed and Security of Cloud Deployments with Support for Microsoft Azure

Now available with most major cloud platforms, Delphix DevOps Data Platform enables secure delivery, management and access to data to streamline cloud and hybrid operations.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 3rd, 2017 - Delphix, the company that has changed the dynamics of managing and consuming data, today announced support for Microsoft Azure. The Delphix Data Platform for Azure uniquely offers enterprises the ability to streamline cloud migration projects, accelerate development and testing, and significantly reduce cost and complexity with ongoing operations of applications in cloud and hybrid environments.

As enterprises move more IT workloads to Azure, they must manage data that resides in various locations - including cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise environments. The lack of access to data can result in painfully slow wait times that delay development and delivery of new applications and services. The Delphix Data Platform enables rapid provisioning of data - from on-premises to cloud environments - with continuous data synchronization across landscapes.

Data privacy and security are also major considerations for these organizations as they move workloads and the associated data from within their firewalls to public clouds or external data centers. The integrated data profiling and masking capabilities of the platform ensure that sensitive data is protected in accordance with policy and governance requirements.

“Delphix enables fast, secure migration of data to the cloud and a platform to access the right data at the right time,” said Chris Cook, CEO of Delphix. “Through this collaboration with Microsoft, we will help our customers maximize their cloud investment and realize the promised benefits of speed, agility and lower costs - while maintaining data privacy and security. Delphix will help our customers optimize every aspect of their cloud journey with help from Microsoft.”

Sajan Parihar, director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. added, “As companies move more workloads to the cloud, efficiently managing data across environments while maintaining security and compliance is a key requirement for success. We are very excited about the opportunity that the Delphix platform will bring to customers to help quicker and easier migration of on-premise workloads to Microsoft Azure.”

Accelerating Cloud Adoption with Delphix

Top enterprises across every industry are turning to Delphix to:

  • Efficiently replicate on-premise data to the cloud with advanced compression to reduce storage requirements;

  • Provision data to cloud environments faster, with continuous synchronization with source data systems (whether on-premise or cloud), to allow rapid data refreshes;

  • Ensure security and governance for sensitive data with integrated, automated masking and the ability to customize these security capabilities to address specific security needs;

  • Integrate with DevOps tools, providing for greater levels of automation.

“Without Delphix, we would not be able to operate a hybrid cloud environment so effectively because of the time required to transfer and secure the full datasets”, said Oleg Chuikin – Head of the Service Delivery Department from IT consultancy and software development company, Quipu. “The Delphix Data Platform makes using Azure much easier for us.”

With support from leading cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, etc., Delphix now helps customers enable cloud workloads in the environment of their choice.

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