GDPR: Perspectives From Both Sides of the Pond

The new EU GDPR has implications not just for companies based in Europe but all over the world.

In this podcast the views from both the UK and US are compared as we dig into the ramifications for companies who’s data spans boarders. We look at the differences in GDPR readiness on both sides of the Atlantic and what companies are doing to comply.

Jes Breslaw

Jes Breslaw is currently EMEA Director of Strategy at data virtualization company Delphix. He has held senior European roles for 18 years in technology suppliers and integrators. Jes began his career product managing IBM hardware, and then spent eight years working with security solutions including CheckPoint Software and Cisco. More recently Jes has worked in companies that provide cloud and mobile solutions, first Workshare and then Accellion.

Alexandros Mathopoulos

Alexandros Mathopoulos works to define Delphix's product strategy in the Data Privacy & Security space. Over the last several years, Alexandros has helped develop Delphix's data masking functionality to be one of the leading data masking solutions on the market.