Building a Cyber Resiliency Zone- EMEA

Automatically discover data integrity breaches and quickly recover from ransomware and cyber attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, using increasingly sophisticated methods, targeting critical apps and databases where downtime is most costly. Organisations need data observability and immutability to automatically discover and quickly recover from data breaches.

Watch to discover how to:

  • Accelerate troubleshooting of production issues

  • Protect against accidental database deletion or corruption

  • Recover faster from malware/ransomware or malicious intent

Find out how to build a cyber resiliency test zone, allowing for earlier detection of data integrity breaches. Also, discover the value of an immutable data time-machine for enabling data refreshes from a point just prior to an attack for faster recovery from cyber and ransomware attacks.

Mark Mcgill

With over 25 years of experience in technology and data, Mark is expert in enabling businesses to leverage data and accelerate application development. During his time both at Delphix and Oracle, Mark has worked with many of the UK and Europe’s largest Enterprises and has in-depth experience of successful data storage and application delivery projects.

Scott Butler

Senior Solutions Engineer, Delphix

Scott has over 24 years of experience in data management & protection, working collaboratively with clients to find solutions to their complex data problems, helping to drive business value for accelerated app dev & digital transformation. Scott's experience has been built working for leading resellers, start-ups and corporates alongside teams in some of the UK & Europe's largest enterprises and financial institutions.