On-Demand Webinar

Building a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric

Learn how to create and manage a data fabric that underpins multi-cloud workloads

Organizations today are adopting multi-cloud applications, platforms, and services to achieve greater elasticity and faster delivery times in today’s app-driven world. Building a data fabric that underpins and interconnects multi-cloud workloads is critical to realizing these goals. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The 6 essential data capabilities for your multi-cloud strategy
  • How to facilitate cross-cloud data movement and accelerate multi-cloud DevOps
  • Ways to synchronize test data across clouds to support microservices development
  • Platform-based approaches for securing sensitive information and governing data access
About the Speakers
Woody Evans

Woody Evans is an Agile Data Evangelist with significant background in Data Strategy, and broad involvement in enterprise scale solution development, delivery and management in the Finance, Defense, Telco, Media, and Healthcare industries. Woody is a regular speaker on the CIO Publisher’s Panel, and has spoken at a variety of Forums including Quest, Oracle Open World, DevOps Days, Salon BI, and HMG. Woody joined Delphix in 2010, and is now Vice President, Pre Sales. Woody stands at the intersection of IT and corporate management, providing credible advice to technology professionals and actionable insight to corporate decision makers.

Karun Bakshi

Karun is strategic in evangelizing and educating the market on data and technology processes including DevOps, DataOps, Cloud, and data security compliance. He has deep skills in software engineering, product management, product/platform marketing, developer evangelism and strategic partnerships. Karun led product marketing and engineering teams at a variety of enterprise software companies. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science from MIT and an MBA from UC Berkeley.