Delphix Nordics Virtual User Group

14th April | 16h00-18h00 CEST

We will be bringing together our customers in the Nordics for a 2 hour virtual meeting where we will hear from Delphix Chief Customer Officer - Alex Hesterberg, Partners and Customer Speakers.

The main objective of the meeting is to facilitate conversations between our customers and share learnings and best practices on how to operationalise Delphix. 

Outline Agenda:

  • Delphix Programmable Data Infrastructure overview
  • Presentations from Delphix customers
  • Presentation from FWDView  
  • Open discussion and knowledge sharing over a glass of wine


I hope you are able to join and share a glass of wine with us. 

We will arrange for a bottle of wine to be shipped to you, simply complete the registration form and we will be in touch.