Wednesday, December 6 - 10:00 AM GMT

Fortune 500 company improves data compliance and reduces cloud costs by 60%.

Organisations must contend with the complexity of managing large volumes of data that need to be organised and stored efficiently, ensuring data privacy and compliance, cost of storage and business innovation through reduced time to market.   

Join us for this webinar on “Integrating Delphix into DevOps” where we will discuss: 

  • How a Fortune 500 company is securing, categorising and virtualising its data environment to massively reduce compliance challenges. 

  • How it is building libraries of transactional data systems to build ephemeral development and test environments, reducing cloud costs by 60%. 

  • How integrating its data services into DevOps pipelines is increasing feature velocity and raising the innovation bar

John Shortt

Technology Services Director, Expert Thinking

With over 30 years of IT expertise, John has led transformative initiatives in both cloud and on-premise technology across 40+ organisations with Expert Thinking. His comprehensive understanding of strategic, financial, and operational aspects sets him apart in guiding successful cloud transformations. As a co-founder of Expert Thinking, John advocates Agile, DevOps, and code-first methods, alongside data virtualisation to boost developer effectiveness, business innovation, and drive ROI. He's a trusted asset for organisations navigating today's dynamic IT landscape.

Ben Wheatley

Account Manager, EMEA, Delphix

Ben Wheatley is a customer-driven Account Manager within the UK Team at Delphix, with a decade of experience in the technology industry across infrastructure, network & security, and now Data. He has helped businesses in finance, telecommunications, insurance and logistics to leverage data in order to achieve their goals, and drive digital transformation.

Grant Ward

Senior Solutions Engineer, Delphix

Grant has over 25 years of experience working collaboratively with customers to help implement solutions and define strategies for understanding and making data come alive.
Grant embraced DevOps in its infancy and has worked with large retailers, financial institutions, insurance and government organisations across Africa, the UK and Europe, and as a Senior Solutions Engineer gets to discuss some of our clients’ most complex issues when it comes to managing Test Data.