Analyst Report

Eight Rules for Managing the Hybrid Future: From Databases to Clouds

Database Trends and Applications Best Practices Report

Organizations use a diverse set of data sources across on-premise and leading public cloud providers like AWS and Azure for their applications instead of standardizing on a single data source. This results in data source heterogeneity across the enterprise in a hybrid environment. Therefore, organizations are now spending more time and resources managing the data moving from these data sources (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS RDS, etc) to different teams like AppDev, QA/test, and analytics. Instead, organizations should take a platform based approach which aligns their data management policies and tools to their technology initiatives such as CI/CD, devops, and cloud. The platform provides the same experiences across multiple data sources spanning from on-premise to cloud like Oracle, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, for data virtualization, masking, and self-service on both on-premise and cloud.

Download this report to learn how Delphix addresses the data source heterogeneity across on-premise and on the cloud in the enterprise with an extensible platform.