Starting a Career at Delphix: Ben

The Delphix University Relations program recruits new grads from universities all around the country. Recruiting new college grads brings high potential talent into our organization, and is a significant part of our talent strategy. We asked one of our recent grads, Ben, to share a little bit about his experience here.

Why did you decide to join Delphix?

I decided to join Delphix out of college because it was the exact type of company that I was looking for to start my career. Specifically, Delphix is start up uniquely positioned to be the leader in a new emerging category with lots of growth potential. This was exciting to me because it meant that there was still lots of work to be done, work that I could play a significant role in, and because it meant I was joining a company that could grow into a really established industry leader.

I also decided to join because of the people. I’m genuinely excited to go to work everyday because I love the work I do and working with my colleagues. Being a recent college graduate, I’m very new to the “working world” but the people I get to work with range greatly in experience and it is awesome getting to learn from them. I have not met a single person at Delphix who is not willing to help me learn/grow as a programmer and young professional in the tech world.

Tell us a bit about what you work on at Delphix

At Delphix I work on the data masking product. This is a product that allows customers to mask their sensitive data so they can use it to test new features without worrying about risking confidential data in non-production environments. For example, if a customer is trying to test a new page for their website that involves retrieving data from a database that has a table with 3 columns, SSN, full name, and birthdate, they could use our masking product to mask the data. The data [123-45-6789, John Smith, 1/1/1980], who may be a real person, would turn into [123-44-6666, Anthony Jones, 12/12/1973]. This way if their feature had a bug that released this information beyond those who were meant to see it, they wouldn’t release any sensitive information.

I’ve been working on a very exciting portion of the masking product. Currently I’m preparing the application to run in the cloud, specifically the Amazon cloud (AWS). This has involved many tasks, from fixing security vulnerabilities, to changing how we store sensitive data, to customizing the application startup process for the Amazon platform.

Throughout this project I (and others at Delphix) have been exposed to some really sophisticated tools, like Gradle, for handling the build process, and Flyway, for performing database schema migrations. Both were 100% new to me when I started but with the help of my peers and good documentation, I now not only understand how to use these specific tools, but also why they are so useful for big enterprise applications.

How did you find out about the opportunity at Delphix?

ben pageI found out about the opportunity at Delphix by scouring my school’s job site for all companies that had open positions that I qualified for in Boston. For each company that fit that criteria, I then looked up the company (if I hadn’t already heard of them) to find out about their product, company size, and competition. Needless to say, after looking at Delphix’s website, while I was still a little bit unsure about what they did , I had a enough of a grasp on it to know it was exciting technology in a uncharted area of tech.

After learning a little bit about them, I attended a tech talk that the Delphix Recruiting team and Engineers were giving at my school. Here, I got an opportunity to listen to and talk to some of the engineers, furthering my understanding of their technology and company culture. The rest is history, interviews, offers and now a happy employee.

About the author: Ben Page graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Computer Science Engineering and Minor in Business. Ben is on the Data Masking team at Delphix, in our Boston office. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching all types of sports (including skiing, basketball, football, ultimate, and baseball) and going on hikes with his dog.