Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Core Values:

Foster Trust

We strive to respect, learn, listen, support and appreciate our coworkers by being our authentic selves and always assuming the best intentions in all interactions.

Strive for Excellence

We challenge each other to build, grow, develop and expand what we're doing individually and organizationally. We never stop trying to help each other to get to the next place.

Unite Together

We collaborate, depend, celebrate and come together as one team. We share the same vision for our company and want to help each other achieve it together.

Be Imaginative

We never stop striving to learn, innovate and challenge the status quo. We encourage people to have a different opinion and run with their ideas so that we never rest on our laurels.

Our Mission

To build a community that encourages its members to be their authentic selves and strives to inspire, enable, empower and support each other to reach new heights.

We come together to create a community in which each person feels safe and supported in sharing their authentic selves. A place where everyone experiences an equal opportunity to grow and advance in their career. Where they can shine with self-confidence to express their opinion and trust their contributions are valued and recognized. We strive for diversity and inclusion for every person. We are focused and particularly mindful of the challenges of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups that face systemic impediments to their success.



Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for members and organizations by fostering a diverse, inclusive, collaborative and innovative workplace. They are intended to help support our company goal of having employees bring their “total self” to work.


The LGBTQ+ ERG was formed as a social and mentoring network for our LGBTQ+ employees at Delphix. Our goal is to create a workplace that encourages and supports everyone to be their authentic selves at all times.


Mosaic is dedicated to the interest of employees who self-identify as Native American/Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino/a/x, Black, African-American, West Indian or of African descent at Delphix and those who support them.

Women at Delphix

This ERG is dedicated to maintaining an open community for discussions about the challenges women in the workplace are facing. We promote programs to enhance career development and provide resources for training and professional growth. We are an inclusive, cross-business and self-coordinating organization for all our employees.