eHarmony Uses Delphix To Modernize Its Core Business Applications In Order To Respond Faster To Customers
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5,000 Hrs

Projected labor savings


Drop in storage requirements

1 Hour

Database refresh time

Los Angeles-based eharmony is an online dating platform designed to match single individuals with each other based on a patented compatibility system. The privately held company has members in more than 150 countries and maintains operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


eharmony leads the online dating industry through innovation. To support the company’s promise to build deep connections and lasting relationships for its clients, the IT team makes every effort to deliver a focused, welcoming, and intuitive online dating experience across all device platforms. eharmony strives to provide the best matches for singles by constantly improving its two key applications—Singles and Matching.

To accelerate new releases, eharmony needed to streamline and improve its QA process, and deliver test data faster.

  • The IT team needed considerable time to refresh a database, requiring involvement from DBAs, storage specialists, and network administrators.
  • The labor-intensive process of creating, scrubbing, and storing database snapshots made it difficult to create test datasets for new releases. As a result, QA often conducted testing using stale data.
  • Infrequent refreshes limited the effectiveness of the testing team and its ability to find and fix bugs before code was released into production.
  • Each manual refresh caused the loss of productivity for the application team. • Database upgrades triggered development freezes, impeding the team’s ability to push out new features and functionality.
  • Data volumes were growing, with several Oracle databases requiring 30 to 70 TB of storage.

eharmony turned to Delphix to release critical applications faster, with higher quality and greater efficiency.


eharmony leveraged Delphix to implement a self-service data management solution, enabling development and QA teams to create and refresh environments as needed, without the involvement of DBAs. Refreshes can now be completed in an hour, delivering relevant and accurate data to development teams on demand.

Greater data agility allowed eHarmony’s IT team to compress release cycles and respond faster to problems—ultimately resulting in an enhanced customer experience and more successful matches and relationships.


Since introducing Delphix in 2016, eharmony’s Singles and Matching applications are being improved at a faster rate than ever before, optimizing customer experience and loyalty. The IT team has seen notable improvements in data provisioning and delivery, which also translates into significant labor and infrastructure cost savings.

Together with the Delphix team, eharmony calculated the ROI of implementing the Delphix data platform:

  • Automating database provisioning, refresh, and rollback tasks will save eHarmony more than five thousand person-hours in just three years, resulting in nearly $3,000,000 in cost savings.
  • Through compression and virtualization, Delphix reduces the storage footprint of a copied database to just a fraction of the original size, reducing storage requirements by as much as 80% and saving thousands of dollars.
  • As development teams embrace Agile methods and more frequent releases, demand for non-production environments is anticipated to grow, further increasing storage cost savings.
Delphix delivers the environments we need for Dev, Test, and QA to enable our Agile and DevOps methods. We improved our data-masking capabilities, minimizing risk. And at the same time, the storage savings, which is presently trending toward multiple petabytes, made Delphix a no-brainer.
Navdeep Kumar,
Senior Director IT Infrastructure, eharmony

eharmony also credits Delphix with eliminating data-related defects by delivering accurate, current, and relevant test data. In an industry that places a premium on a gratifying and user-friendly experience, application quality is essential for success, and having unrestricted access to test environments significantly improves QA teams’ ability to find issues before they reach production.

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