The Delphix Data Platform Demo Series

Learn how to leverage secure virtual data to accelerate enterprise digital and cloud initiatives

These 5-minute demos feature step-by-step walkthroughs of key Delphix product capabilities with expert commentary. You will discover how to:

• Virtualize: Quickly provision space-efficient databases

• Replicate: Move data across locations or clouds

• Mask: Protect sensitive data for regulatory compliance

• Version:  Version data like code to increase application development velocity

• Rewind and Forward: Operate on production-like data from any point in time

• Automate: How to automate data delivery within CI/CD pipelines

Learn how to use an integrated Data platform to deliver data on demand, enable self-service control, and secure sensitive data for faster cloud adoption and application development projects.

How to Deliver Virtual Data

Learn how Delphix ingests data from multiple sources and provisions virtual data copies.

How to "Time Travel" Your Data

Discover how Delphix provisions data copies that are continuously in sync with production sources.

How to Automate Data Operations

Learn how Delphix provides a solution for app dev teams to speed up application delivery at scale by provisioning data to CI/CD pipelines via API.

How to Version Data

Find out how Delphix enables development teams to version data like code via self service service ui or APIs.

How to Mask Data

Watch how Delphix finds sensitive data across enterprise systems, then transform the data into fictitious, yet realistic data.

How to Migrate Data

See how Delphix can help your enterprise move, manage, and secure your data as part of your cloud journey.

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