Data Sheet

Delphix Data Masking for AWS Aurora and RDS

AWS Aurora and RDS relational database services provide high performance, scalable capacity while automating database administration tasks such as hardware provisioning setup, snapshots, and restoration. Delphix integrates with AWS to mask sensitive data residing in an Aurora or RDS database instance, eliminating manual processes for securing test data.

The Delphix Masking engine is deployed on an EC2 instance and connects to an Aurora or RDS database instance restored from a snapshot or clone for use in non-production test environments.

Key benefits:

  • Leverage production databases on AWS services while mitigating risk in lower level environments.
  • Automatically discover and replace sensitive data with fictitious yet valid equivalents to maintain referential integrity.
  • Use pre-configured templates for regulation-specific or application-specific profiles
  • Available on AWS Marketplace.

Download the Delphix Data Masking for AWS Aurora and RDS datasheet