DevOps Data Platform

Decrease data footprints by 10x, accelerate provisioning by 100x

Contain Data Sprawl

Every production app spawns 7 to 10 non-production environments, including dev, test, UAT, and more. Most contain nearly identical data. With data virtualization technology to sync, store, and then share across environments, Delphix reduces data footprints by 10x. And because virtual environments are provisioned from existing data blocks, provisioning times are 100x faster.

Delphix Provides an API-First Data Platform for the Multi-Cloud

Open and Extensible

The Delphix Data Platform is both open and highly extensible. It connects to a broad range of data sources. It also provides a comprehensive set of APIs, CLIs, and UIs to manage all data operations in any environment.

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The DevOps Data Platform delivers production-quality data to enterprise stakeholders for all phases of application development

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Data Sheet

Delphix Extensibility SDK Datasheet

The Delphix Virtualization SDK expands support for data sources even further by enabling organizations to build their own plugins.

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