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Delphix Recognized as Leading Technology Provider in CRN’s 2018 Big Data 100 List

CRN named Delphix in Data Management and Infrastructure category, honoring innovative data solutions for modern enterprises.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — May 7, 2018 — Delphix, the company that has changed the dynamics of managing and consuming data for the largest companies in the world, today announced that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Delphix to its 2018 Big Data 100 list. The annual list recognizes the ingenuity of technology providers like Delphix, who are offering innovative solutions to harness the massive amounts of data generated in today’s digital world, raising the bar for data management and challenging established IT practices. 

Enterprises are under immense pressure to move fast and deliver continuous innovation that enables them to compete—and win—in their respective markets. And, while the data that drives businesses continues to grows in size and complexity, the reality is that software development teams and other innovation centers are starving for access to fresh, secure data. 

Solution providers are on a never-ending quest to equip organizations with the tools, services, and technologies to help harness the power of data, which has become one of their most important assets. In response to this challenge, the CRN editorial team has identified the IT vendors at the forefront of data management, business analytics, and infrastructure technologies and services. The resulting Big Data 100 list is a valuable guide for solution providers seeking out key big data technology suppliers.

The Delphix Data Platform is used by hundreds of channel partners and systems integrators as a unique way to address today’s most pressing data challenges and equip developers with personal data environments that are needed to bring continuous innovation to life each day. The platform enables customers to compress, mask and virtualize copies of data, regardless of its host environment, giving developers the tools they need to test faster and more securely than ever before. This process eliminates the data friction that can hold companies back from innovation and prevent them from achieving their strategic business objectives. 

“The IT community is now able to collect massive volumes of valuable data—a veritable treasure trove of information for growing businesses,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “But reaping the benefits of these huge information streams is a complex and delicate process requiring expertise in data capture, storage, organization, tiering, security and analysis. The vendors on CRN’s 2018 Big Data 100 list have demonstrated an exceptional ability to help solution providers and their customers tackle this enormous project. The innovative products and services they have brought to market enable companies to not only manage large amounts of data, but to extract real value from it.” 

“The amount of data available to enterprises has reached unprecedented levels of size and complexity; and yet, most software development teams have an unquenchable thirst for fresh, secure data that’s required for continuous innovation,” said Tony Orlando, SVP of Global Field Operations at Delphix. “This has presented unique challenges for IT teams and developers alike, as they struggle to manage data in disparate environments, meet increasing privacy regulations, and ensure the right data is distributed to the right teams. The partner community has overwhelmingly recognized that this data friction prevents them from reaching their full potential, which Delphix is solving head on. The platform enables accelerated development and empowers customers to reach the next phase of their digital transformation journey.”

The 2018 Big Data 100 list is available online at

About Delphix

Delphix's mission is to free companies from data friction and accelerate innovation. Fortune 100 companies use the Delphix Data Platform to connect, virtualize, secure and manage data in the cloud and in on-premise environments. For more information visit 

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