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Delphix Bolsters Presence in Asia Pacific and Japan with Addition of New Executive Leadership

DevOps veteran joins Delphix to help companies align teams for faster and more secure access to data.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and SINGAPORE, September 18, 2017 – Delphix, the company that has changed the dynamics of managing and consuming data, today announced that industry veteran Richard Gerdis has joined its executive team as Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan. Richard brings two decades of experience in the IT industry and will parlay that into sharing the vision of DataOps with more global enterprises across the region to help solve important data friction challenges.

Delphix has been steadily expanding its presence in Asia with office openings in Singapore, Japan and Australia to support customers across the region. As the global market experiences a push towards increased automation and digital transformation, many organizations in the APJ region are looking for ways to establish competitive advantage. By leaving behind legacy data management techniques and adopting more agile practices, APJ companies will be able to shorten application development cycles, quickly and safely move to the cloud while protecting sensitive data.

richard“The addition of Richard to our team opens up many opportunities for businesses in the region to interact with their data differently,” said Tony Orlando, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Delphix. “Richard will be able to explain how a DataOps first approach will allow companies to deliver their data seamlessly to the people who need it, when and how they need it. With Richard and the team we’re expanding in APJ, Delphix is a step closer to our goal of helping all companies eliminate data friction, to open the door for real-time innovation.”

Before joining Delphix, Richard acted as Vice President for the DevOps business at CA technologies, and has also previously held senior sales roles at IBM Australia. During his career, he has worked in Cape Town, London, Sydney and Singapore. With focused experience in DevOps and having worked across so many different continents and cultures, Richard is uniquely positioned to help Delphix customers in APJ accelerate data and applications; simplify cloud adoption; and improve data privacy and security.

“I’ve spent many years focusing on DevOps, and it’s now clear to me that we need to incorporate people and process along with technology for the most comprehensive data management strategy,” explained Richard Gerdis, Vice President of Sales in APJ. “As a programmer turned businessman, I have a passion for helping companies have impact through technology. By joining Delphix, I can share that vision across Asia, and empower companies to compete in the global market.”

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