Accelerating Innovation by Connecting People to Data

Chris Cook, CEO of Delphix shares some eye-opening stats about perceptions from senior business leaders about IT. Patrick Lightbody, SVP of Products walks through an overview of the Data Platform.

Results show that two-thirds of digital IT initiatives are not aligned to the business. In response to this, Chris suggests that it’s no longer Business vs. IT that is preventing the alignment, but the data friction between data consumers (those who need and use the data) and data operators (those who control, deliver, and secure the data). The commitment to DataOps - the alignment of people, process, and tech to enable the rapid, automated, and secure management of data at scale - can eliminate data friction. Patrick walks through an overview of the Data Platform - an integrated platform that virtualizes, secures, and manages data on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid IT environments. The platform’s unique capability is delivering self-service access to data users through personal, virtualized data environments that they can control with minimal impact to source systems.

Chris Cook, CEO, Delphix
Patrick Lightbody, SVP Products, Delphix