Black Friday Transformation for Retail

Q&A with Delphix

Retail and E-Commerce businesses are adapting to a new reality. Black Friday may look a lot more like Cyber Monday as more people shop online. Preparing for the holiday shopping season will require retailers to manage higher dev/test workloads than ever before.

Join us for an expert discussion on how Delphix provides a data platform that can transform Black Friday preparations by:

  • Automatically provisioning data into environments to accelerate test cycles
  • Bookmarking, rewinding data to hotel environments—breaking testbed bottlenecks
  • Integrating data across systems for fast, flexible systems integration testing
  • Providing full, compliant data sets for higher quality testing and analytics
  • Capturing, replaying large volumes of transactions for end-to-end test rehearsals
  • Automating data compliance (profiling, templates, masking) to eliminate the risk of fines/breach.



kumar velloreKumar Vellore, Customer Success Director (East), was awarded the prestigious Macy’s President’s “Best of the Best” award for optimization and efficiency in 2016. Kumar and his team were awarded the Center of Excellence Award during the Oracle Open World in 2016 for deploying Macy’s first application in Oracle Public Cloud. Kumar has over 25 years of IT service and delivery operations and has worked with best in breed Fortune 100 customers, many within the retail industry.


steve karamSteve Karam is the Senior Director, Education, and Enablement, and a long time leader in data technology and education with over 20 years in the IT industry and has worked with many of the worlds’ top retail brands. As an Oracle consultant under the pseudonym of the Oracle Alchemist, he has earned recognition as an Oracle Certified Master, Oracle ACE, and has spoken at many conferences including Oracle Open World and been published in books and articles. Steve is also a natural tinkerer and has worked with most cloud, RDBMS, NoSQL, and development systems.