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Confessions of the AppDev VP

Our Release is On Time and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

“The next release is probably going to be at late”... these are words that every AppDev leader has uttered… and often. 

Development teams burdened with complex release requirements often run over schedule and over budget. One of the biggest offenders? Data. Your teams are cutting corners, sacrificing quality and delivering projects late because they don’t have a good solution for managing data. 

You’re one of many AppDev leaders that face these challenges. You need a new approach to manage, secure and provision your data in order to stay relevant, You need DataOps.

Join Shannon Thoke, Director of Solution Engineering for Delphix, to explore: 

  • • How application teams can achieve fast, self-service access to secure test data
  • • Why transforming data delivery unlocks the potential of DevOps and hybrid cloud dev/test
  • • Platform-based approaches to managing data for legacy back-office apps and modern customer-facing ones
Shannon Thoke

Shannon Thoke, Director of Solution Engineering for Delphix, specializes in making data fast and secure. She has twenty years’ experience in software development, Agile planning, and operations. A veteran of companies such as CA Technologies, PayPal, and Fidelity Investments; Shannon understands our business, “gets” the needs of Fortune 500 customers, and is a passionate advocate of client success. She has a BS from Boston College and a MBA from the Santa Clara University.

Matt Yeh

Matthew Yeh is Director of Product Marketing at Delphix. Matthew helps craft Delphix’s platform go-to-market strategy, specializing in DevOps and data security. Prior to joining Delphix, he was a Solution Manager at SAP Labs where he shaped SAP’s GRC software portfolio for customers in regulated industries.