On-Demand Webinar

GDPR Fast Start

Is there something missing from your GDPR plan?

GDPR is upon us. But there’s an elephant in the room: multiple silos of test and development data. There’s likely way more islands of it than you think—often containing a treasure trove of all too sensitive, weakly masked ex-production data.  

In this session you will learn

  • • How to ensure your GDPR plan covers non-production
  • • Why data profiling is essential to identify sensitive data
  • • Fast-track methods for applying strong data masking



garyGary Hallam has extensive practical experience of software development and technical project management in a career spanning over 30 years. Before joining Delphix over 2 years ago as the Director of Sales Engineering, Gary helped to build Oracle’s remote technology pre-sales centre in Spain, leading a diverse sales engineering team across EMEA and India.  Gary has global experience of CRM application delivery for large global corporations and has been a founder member of a number of start-ups.