Transform Guidewire Application Development with Fast, Compliant Data

Watch the webinar to learn how to remove data bottlenecks to accelerate Guidewire app dev timelines by 2x

Guidewire helps insurance organizations modernize and respond to market challenges with a comprehensive product suite for billing, policy, and claims processing. Implementing and maintaining the Guidewire InsuranceSuite can strain application development team resources, creating an expensive and cumbersome environment for project execution.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Remove data bottlenecks to accelerate Guidewire app dev timelines by 2x

  • Secure sensitive information and maintain PII compliance in non-production environments

  • ‘Time travel’ Guidewire data backward and forward

Ken Tompkins

He is a IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Pekin Insurance. Ken has 40+ years of experience with Technical Infrastructure, in-house developed and packaged applications including SAP and Guidewire . He is currently responsible for Mainframe, OnPrem Distributed and AWS Infrastructure at Pekin Insurance, where he recently managed the project to migrate Guidewire and other supporting applications to the AWS Cloud platform for Pekin Insurance.

Ilker Taskaya

Ilker Taskaya is a data masking solution engineer at Delphix, Inc, specializing in financial services and healthcare industry data security solutions for the last 10 years. He holds number of patents in data security field. Prior to 2006 he consulted in data warehousing for clients in financial services, insurance, and health care. Ilker began his career 20 years as a database analyst in the financial services sector.