Data Friction Chatter Takes Over AWS re:Invent

Data is critical to everyone - it's what businesses are built around. But data friction is the roadblock to making ideas a reality.

Listen in as Eric Schrock and Alex Plant detail some of the new AWS tools that make it easier to use and deliver data with less friction, as well as how applying machine learning to data is opening up new business opportunities.

About the Speakers
Eric Schrock

Eric Schrock is the Chief Technology Officer at Delphix. He was a founding engineer at Sun's Fishworks group that created the ZFS Storage Appliance product line. At Sun and later Oracle, he led the distributed data management and storage platform integration strategies. Prior to that, he worked on a variety of teams in the Solaris kernel group, including the ZFS, Zones, and fault management teams. He is a leader in the illumos community, holds two patents and has several pending.

Alex Plant

For the past 20 years, Alex has helped some of the most important technology companies in the world craft stories and build long-lasting brands. Having worked with HP during the first Internet boom, early pioneers Sun and NetApp during the second wave and Facebook and other Internet giants, Alex specializes in the development of modern marketing programs that connect and inspire. At Delphix he manages content and communications, helping to drive awareness for the brand and position it as the next big enterprise software company.