Delphilanthropy: How a Small Company Can Have a Big Impact

Delphilanthropy is a grassroots volunteer-run group whose mission is to support Delphix employees in contributing to the community.

Join Ann Togasaki & Karyn Ritter for a discussion around some of the challenges and successes they’ve seen in their journey to jumpstart the program, and how they’ve been able to embed philanthropy into the company culture over the last three years.

Ann Togasaki

Ann Togasaki has been at Delphix for almost 4 years and works in Engineering as a program manager. In her spare time, she leads a grassroots Philanthropy program at Delphix.

Karyn Ritter

Karyn Ritter has been at Delphix for more than 4.5 years and runs the PMO team in engineering. In her spare time, she helps Ann with the Philanthropy program at Delphix.