Solution Brief

The Delphix Data Platform

The Delphix DevOps Data Platform virtualizes, secures, and manages data on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid IT environments.

The Delphix Data Platform allows data to be securely delivered to every stakeholder, across on-premise, cloud & hybrid environments at the speed and scale required to enable rapid development and delivery of applications and solutions.

The Delphix Data Platform provides a comprehensive approach to DataOps, enabling companies to easily deliver and secure data, wherever it exists. With Delphix, businesses manage data distribution and access with the speed, simplicity, and level of security required to drive digital transformation. With Delphix, your data is:

  • Fast: Provision data securely and in the required environments in minutes instead of hours, days, or months to enable IT transformation.

  • Secure: Secure sensitive data in adherence with security policies and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Everywhere: Move and manage data from any environment – on-premises, cloud, or in hybrid environments, and seamlessly provision data where required.

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