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Confessions of the Tester

10 Things I Hate About Test Data (And How DataOps Can Fix Them)

Ask a QA engineer what they think about their test data and they may privately share: 

“It’s always stale so I don’t trust our test results” 
“It’s not realistic enough so we’ll have to risk a few errors” 
“It takes days to be delivered so we’ll finish the project late” 

And that engineer is probably right…

Legacy approaches to test data management can be a huge blocker for modern QA practices that promise higher quality and faster releases.

It’s time to let the data flow. Organizations can repair the relationship between testers and test data through DataOps solutions that solve the data problems QA hates the most. 

Watch Manju Abraham, Senior Director of Quality and Performance at Delphix explain the 10 things you hate about test data, including:

  • • The key reasons why test data is holding your QA teams back
  • • Best practices for managing, securing, and delivering test data
  • • Real world examples of businesses adopting DataOps to improve release speed and quality
Manju Abraham

Manju Abraham is an engineering leader with more than 20 years of experience in Product Development Operations, building and scaling strong QA, devops and infrastructure teams, to deliver high quality enterprise products at companies like HP Enterprise, HP Software, Netapp and Delphix. She has been a change agent driving technology and process transformation for continuous improvement across the organizations. She has been driving Continuous Integration and Testing and building structure and repeatable processes to ensure predictable product releases at high quality. She is a mentor and coach helping to grow technical and management leaders, by enabling and supporting them to strive beyond and reach their untapped potential.

Matt Yeh

Matthew Yeh is Director of Product Marketing at Delphix. Matthew helps craft Delphix’s platform go-to-market strategy, specializing in DevOps and data security. Prior to joining Delphix, he was a Solution Manager at SAP Labs where he shaped SAP’s GRC software portfolio for customers in regulated industries.