Extend Delphix to Any Source - How to Create a Plugin

Join us for this webinar where Marcin Przepiorowski and Mark McGill will outline how any data type can benefit from the power of the Delphix Data Platform.

We will explain how easy it is to access the current open source plugins, and how you can quickly create your own. We will also demonstrate how we use Plugins in Delphix to ingest any data, regardless of the source.

Marcin and Mark will highlight specific examples of how you can:

  • Write your own plugin for Delphix
  • Use our Open Source library for looking at existing code
  • Build automation into the plugin
  • Demonstrate the use of a Delphix plugin




Marcin PrzepiorowskMarcin Przepiorowski is a Technical Services Manager at Delphix.  He started his work as an Oracle DBA in 2000. He has years of experience of working with different customers across Europe and, for the last 6 years he has been working as a Solution Architect and Technical advisor at Delphix. Marcin's main focus is Data Ops including database cloning, CI/CD automation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting. He is involved in the Oracle User Group and developers community in Europe and has presented at many conferences. Marcin is a member of the OakTable network.elerate application development whilst removing data bottlenecks.


Mark McgGill

Mark McGill is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Delphix and with over 25 years of experience in technology and data, Mark is expert in enabling businesses to leverage data and accelerate application development. During his time both at Delphix and Oracle, Mark has worked with many of the UK and Europe’s largest Enterprises and has in-depth experience of successful data storage and application delivery projects.