Mainframe Modernization & Data Transformation

Watch this webinar where Chay Thornhill will outline how Delphix can help drive mainframe modernization and data transformation by removing the traditional barriers around Mainframe data, whilst reducing cost as well as enabling AI and customer experience programs.

Chay will outline how to unlock the value in your Mainframe data and demonstrate how the data can be automated, protected, shared and even moved to the cloud, as well as integrating with other data sources and applications, for example, mobile apps or AI initiatives.

Chay will highlight specific examples on how Delphix can:

  • Virtualize data quickly and easily by ingesting data from the mainframe
  • Accelerate application development for applications that rely on the mainframe 
  • Meet compliance regulations for mainframe data
  • Reduce the mainframe MIPS requirement and therefore enable huge cost savings
  • Modernize your mainframe data, facilitating cloud and AI projects



Chay Thornhill

Chay has +25 years of experience as a technical creative leader with expertise in providing innovative data solutions to address application data bottlenecks. He worked at IBM for 11 years, and then for a number of leading investment banks. He managed the Data Services team at Fidelity International, focusing on the availability of Production data, when he discovered Delphix. He wrote the business case, gained approval and managed the implementation of Delphix at Fidelity. The Delphix Data Platform has developed into an intelligent solution enabling digital transformation, and now Chay manages the Solutions Engineering team at Delphix. Having been a customer he has a great view of how companies can help accelerate application development whilst removing data bottlenecks.