The Power of DataOps for Cloud and Digital Transformation

Companies have been trying to speed up their innovation delivery for many years but often at the cost of higher quality and stronger security. Despite billions invested to accelerate innovation, projects are too often slowed by data friction - the result of growing volumes of silo’d data and multiple requests for data.

Overcoming these sources of friction requires constant iteration across several key dimensions:

  • • Reducing the total cost of data by making it fast and efficient to deliver data, regardless of source or consumer. Automation and tooling is critical.
  • • Integrating security and governance into a seamless data delivery process. This requires integrated masking, but also a governance platform and process to ensure the right rules and access controls are in place.
  • • Breaking down silos between people and organizations. This starts with the organizational change to bring people together into one team, but requires technology change to provide self-service data access and control.

In this webinar, Eric Schrock, Delphix CTO will explain how a new approach to aligning people, process and technologies through a DataOps framework, can reduce data friction and enable the rapid, automate and secure management of data - dramatically improving your organization’s data-driven business outcomes.

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schrockEric Schrock was a founding engineer at Sun's Fishworks group that created the ZFS Storage Appliance product line. At Sun and later Oracle, he led the distributed data management and storage platform integration strategies. Prior to that, he worked on a variety of teams in the Solaris kernel group, including the ZFS, Zones, and fault management teams. He is a leader in the illumos community, holds two patents and has several pending. He joined Delphix in 2010 and has a BS in Computer Science, with honors, from Brown University.