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Axis Technology & Delphix Partner to Address Data Masking

Axis Technology and Delphix Partner to Address Data Masking Dilemma

Leading Data Management Companies Focus on Boosting Data Center Development and Compliance in Regulated Industries

Menlo Park, CA -- December 18, 2013 - Delphix, the leading provider of agile data delivery solutions, and Axis Technology, the leading provider of enterprise data security and masking solutions, today announced a partnership, with the goal of accelerating and simplifying data masking initiatives. Organizations operating in regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services and government are required to protect sensitive customer and patient data, scrubbing any personal identifiable or commercially sensitive data. However, to retain the ability to test that valuable data, that data cannot be wholly stricken from records, but must instead be unpredictably altered, yet appearing consistent in format.

As a result of the significant time and manual effort required in masking data, these initiatives often fall short. Common challenges organizations face in data masking include:

  • Significant complexity - Data masking products are usually complex, hard to set up and hard for users to manage. Refreshing masked databases or restoring them to a previous state during testing can be difficult.
  • Distribution hurdles - Large firms in regulated industries have geographically distributed teams, making widespread distribution of masked datasets too expensive or slow.
  • Costs and delays - The data subsets often used in test data management are slow to create, and as copies proliferate, they also consume significant and expensive storage.

In its July 25th Hype Cycle for Application Development, 2013 report, Gartner Research stated that "the cost of building and maintaining test data is high, and it is rising because of the increasing need to have data that matches production data for audit validation and provides the necessary security and privacy." Gartner continues, "Organizations must ensure that accurate data and metadata are available during development, testing and training, while protecting privacy and sensitive data."

Delphix and Axis believe that their two combined technologies are uniquely able to address the significant problems organizations face when attempting data masking projects. With it's SaaS-based engine and a simple GUI, Axis DMsuite creates secure databases in as few as five clicks. Then, the Delphix patented virtualization technology is able to create multi-terabyte virtual copies in minutes, using 90% less storage. By layering these two technologies together, organizations are able to generate completely secure data that can be provisioned instantly with impressive cost savings in both time and hardware.

"The collaboration of DMsuite and Delphix is exactly what the market has been waiting for," said Mike Logan, President of Software and Operations at Axis Technology. "We anticipate that the intersection of our two technologies will be able to benefit our joint customers immensely, further streamlining the process of provisioning and masking data without slowing down business processes or time-to-market."

"Our customers in healthcare and financial services require simple and effective solutions for securing sensitive data as it moves through the application lifecycle," said Rick Caccia, Delphix VP of Marketing. "The combination of DMsuite's easy-to-use, cloud-based masking and Delphix's on-demand copy creation lays the foundation for the industry's first and only secure virtual database solution." 

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To learn more about the partnership, join the webinar hosted by Axis and Delphix on January 16, 2014. To register and view additional product information, visit

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Axis Technology Software, LLC is a premier provider of data masking software and solutions for the enterprise. The company's flagship data masking platform, DMsuite(tm) is a product that profiles, provisions, and masks data with no programming required. Companies from the healthcare, financial services, retail and government industries rely on DMsuite(tm) to secure their non-production data, including Walgreens/TakeCareHealth, Tufts Health Plan, The Capital Group, MEDai, and Morgan Stanley. Axis Technology Software, LLC is headquartered in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit


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