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Matt Ahrens raised to Delphix’s First Principal Engineer

Co-founder of ZFS Matt Ahrens raised to Delphix’s First Principal Engineer

Menlo Park, CA -- April 17, 2014 - Delphix, the leading provider of agile data solutions, today announced that the company has promoted Matt Ahrens to Principal Engineer, a role that recognizes his achievements as a leader within the company's engineering team as well as the strategic role that he plays in the company's product direction.

Bringing with him 21 patents in the area of systems management, Ahrens joined the Delphix team in 2010, where he uses his unique expertise in ZFS to continually evolve the Delphix agile data platform. Since joining the team, Ahrens also took the initiative to create the first OpenZFS Developer Summit conference, an annual event sponsored by Delphix.

"Matt Ahrens embodies the ideals of holistic engineering that we value so highly at Delphix," said Eric Schrock, VP of Engineering at Delphix. "He is not limited by his technical domain, pursuing complex problems regardless of where they lead and advancing our product with a focused eye toward the total customer experience. He also acts as a mentor for our whole engineering team, asking thoughtful questions and providing constructive feedback that drives truly creative development. We're very pleased to promote Matt to Principal Engineer, and we look forward to his continued impact in the strategic development of both our product and our engineering team."

Ahrens is the first engineer at Delphix to be named Principal Engineer. This promotion is a reflection of the indelible impact he has had on the organization, product and company throughout his tenure at Delphix. Ahrens will also be speaking at a variety of conferences this year, including BDSCan and dotScale, where he will offer insight into the future of software-defined storage.

The Delphix engineering team contains some of the top experts in Solaris, experts and top contributors to ZFS and ex-VMware architects. To learn more about joining the engineering team, visit

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