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Delphix Bridges the Gap from the Data Center to the Cloud

Delphix Adds New Cloud-Ready Features to Bridge the Gap from the Data Center to the Cloud

Delphix DaaS 4.2 Eases Cloud Migration with Support for Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack

Menlo Park, Calif. - April 2, 2015 - Delphix, the market leader in data as a service (DaaS), today announced the company has updated its award-winning DaaS Platform to support Amazon GovCloud and OpenStack for simple migration to both private and public clouds.  With support for Amazon GovCloud, Delphix enables government agencies to achieve successful cloud migration to Amazon Web Services while increasing data security, gaining data agility, and lowering cost.

Cloud deployments are becoming not just feasible but essential for federal agencies. The cloud promises transformative gains in execution, increased service offerings, and lowered costs. The "Cloud First" mandate has spurred agencies to migrate many of their non-product applications to the cloud, however these agencies face several challenges, including the complexity of deployments, governance, and costs. Cloud computing opens many new opportunities for faster execution, increased service offerings, and lower infrastructure costs, but complexity and risk concerns often stall progress or limit the type of applications that agencies are comfortable migrating.

According to IDC, the global cloud market, including private, public, and hybrid clouds, will hit $118 billion in 2015 and crest at $200 billion by 2018, but organizations still face challenges. While the per-gigabyte cost of storage is low, added compute and IOPS expenses can quickly counter balance the overall cloud benefits. The associated cost and pace of regulatory reform is proving unsustainable for many government agencies, especially in meeting new security standards and delivering necessary data to support compliance reporting. In addition, many of these same organizations are unable to justify the risk of having sensitive data in a public cloud. This is especially true in industries such as finance, retail, government, and healthcare where regulations mandate protection of sensitive data.

"Getting data from the data center to private and public clouds is a major obstacle for cloud initiatives, both for migrations and continuing operations," said Dan Graves, VP of product management, Delphix. "With support for these major cloud platforms, Delphix has made true Data as a Service available. Our goal is to make cloud migration as easy and low-cost as possible, for any type of cloud."

The Delphix DaaS software platform transforms application projects by enabling on-demand access to data. IT and development teams can enable continuous application delivery, accelerate ERP upgrades, and cut costs and risk in cloud migrations. By virtualizing the entire application stack, the Delphix DaaS Platform delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, including delivering full environments for development, testing and reporting. Combining these virtual data delivery capabilities with the patented data masking technology from Delphix protects sensitive information and enables organizations to operate efficiently and increase data agility, management, and movement to the cloud, while complying with industry regulations.

New to the Delphix DaaS Platform is feature support for Amazon GovCloud and OpenStack. Organizations and agencies moving to the cloud can now achieve cloud migration objectives faster and at a lower cost by:

  • Enabling faster migration to private, public, and hybrid cloud services
  • Cutting cloud data management operating costs
  • Improving security and governance in the cloud

Delphix DaaS 4.2 is available today. Pricing begins at $72,000. For more information, go to

Since launching in 2010, Delphix has grown rapidly in North America and Europe. More than 100 companies of the Fortune 500 rely on Delphix to accelerate key application projects, manage data compliance and security by masking confidential information, and migrate applications to the cloud or onto more efficient IT infrastructure. From a government perspective, Delphix works with customers across civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies, including the U.S. Marine Corps and NASA. Delphix is also an In-Q-Tel portfolio company and has partnerships with several key federal integrators.

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Delphix delivers data on demand, transforming slow, complex, and expensive data management into fast, secure, and automatic data delivery. Delphix provides its DaaS Platform as on premises or cloud software that quickly and automatically delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, instead of relying on complex processes and multiple IT teams to manually move unsecured data from system to system. Industry leaders across the Fortune 500 use Delphix to accelerate application projects by 2x, increase productive environment cycles by 10x, and deliver secure data 100x faster than manual operations. Delphix is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices around the world.

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