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Delphix Receives Ventana Research 2011 Leadership Award

Delphix and Informatica Receive Ventana Research 2011 Leadership Award

Using Delphix Server, Informatica Implemented Successful Master Data Management Initiative

Menlo Park, CA - December 8th, 2011--Delphix, the market-leading provider of database virtualization software, today announced that Ventana Research, a leading benchmark research and advisory services firm, named Delphix and its customer Informatica, Ventana Research 2011 Leadership Award Recipients in the IT Performance Management category. Ventana Research chose Informatica because of the success it achieved implementing a Master Data Management (MDM) initiative using Delphix Server.

"The Leadership Awards identify information technology pioneers and leaders - organizations and individuals that exemplify the characteristics necessary for success in managing of performance and the clear vision, understanding, determination, and team effort that are essential to that success," said Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President, Ventana Research. "Congratulations to Delphix and Informatica for the leadership they have demonstrated for this MDM initiative, and the success it has brought both organizations."

Tony Young, Informatica senior vice president and chief information officer, launched the MDM initiative last year in order to harness data across all functions to support his company's growth. Young wanted to correlate and synchronize all customer information so the company could improve customer service and equip the sales team with timely information to create more value out of customer interactions.

To execute on the MDM initiative, the company needed at least six duplicate development environments and another six testing environments to ensure a consistent view of their data. In addition, as development progressed, they needed to refresh data from production sources several times on an ad hoc basis, without disrupting applications critical to daily business operations. Young turned to Delphix to solve his database inflation and refresh challenge. Delphix applies the simplifying concept of virtualization to database infrastructure, enabling instant provisioning, refresh, and rollback of virtual databases that operate in one tenth the space, with improved agility and manageability.

Informatica's successful MDM initiative enables the business to get a 360-degree view of customer and prospect interactions--from products purchased, to support tickets submitted, to website clicks and downloads. The resulting analysis has reduced lead routing error rates from 25% to less than 5%. The company estimates Delphix saved approximately six months of project time by eliminating the need to provision storage for each new environment.

"We are excited to be honored by Ventana Research. As a leading technology company, Informatica has been quick to adopt server virtualization and cloud solutions. With Delphix, we have finally been able to extend the benefits of virtualization to our database infrastructure. The cost savings and reduction in complexity we have achieved with Delphix have been unprecedented," said Young. "Due to our successful MDM implementation we have driven both top-line and bottom-line benefits to the business."

"The Ventana Research Leadership Award continues to validate the impact our software makes in IT Performance Management for customers across all industries," said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix CEO. "With Delphix, businesses like SuccessFactors/SAP, Informatica, and Comcast roll out application projects faster, with far less operational complexity and hardware infrastructure. We believe database virtualization is the next frontier in IT innovation and efficiency, as revolutionary for databases as virtualization was for servers."

The Ventana Research Leadership Awards have become a tradition delivered annually by the research team at Ventana Research, which through its benchmark research, on-demand advisory and education continues to pioneer how organizations can become efficient and effective in their business. As part of the scoring process and methodology, Ventana Research examined the submissions to evaluate the nominated organization's use of people, processes, information and technology, the best practices it developed, the degree of team involvement and the project's business impact and value. For more information on Ventana Research 2011 Vendor Leadership Awards, please visit

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