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Delphix and Pure Storage Super-Charge Database Deployments

Delphix and Pure Storage Team to Super-Charge Database Deployments

New Benchmark Results Show Combined Solutions Deliver 900K Transactions Per Minute at One-Tenth the Cost of Traditional Spinning Disk Arrays for Virtualized Databases

Menlo Park, CA and Mountain View, CA--September 18, 2013 - Delphix, the leader in agile data, and Pure Storage, the all-flash enterprise storage company, today announced the results of a benchmark test run on their combined solutions, which achieved a 10X cost reduction to deliver high performance storage for key database applications over mechanical disk storage. Performance-constrained database developers can now evaluate and develop new features for their key database applications at reduced latency, while reducing the overall cost of data storage.

Delphix + Pure Storage: Powering the All-Flash Enterprise
Many enterprises struggle with database performance limiting their business processes. When it comes to database development, the large and complex landscape of databases within an enterprise can cripple the productivity of the very developers who can solve these problems. Delphix's database virtualization technology together with Pure Storage's cost-effective, high-performance all-flash storage arrays now make it possible for enterprises to move their entire database landscape to flash at one-tenth the cost of equivalent disk-based solutions, with no performance tradeoff.

"When you virtualize a database, you create a highly random IO stream to the storage that brings mechanical disk arrays to their knees," said Matt Kixmoeller, VP Products, Pure Storage. "Used in combination with the Pure Storage FlashArray, which thrives on random IO, and our inline deduplication technology, virtualized databases produced by Delphix can now consume very little space and still have plenty of IO headroom."

A recent benchmark test conducted by Delphix and Pure Storage confirmed that their joint solution offers 10x improvements in price and performance when compared to a disk-based storage array from a leading legacy storage vendor. The companies successfully created and maintained the concurrent operation of 26 virtual database copies, each 1 terabyte (TB) in size, on the Pure Storage FlashArray. The combined solution performed over 35,000 transactions per minute, while consuming only 1.5 TB of total storage; the combined solution can sustain is more than 900,000 transactions per minute with zero performance impact. By comparison, running the same databases on the leading legacy disk-based storage array to achieve the same performance and availability required over 15x the storage at 10x the cost.

"Databases are critical to every enterprise," said Rick Caccia, VP Marketing, Delphix. "Customers can now move every database copy in their data center to all-flash and still cut a zero from their bill, courtesy of Delphix and Pure Storage."

"As a Delphix customer for several years, our company has enjoyed significant agility gains across our key database applications," said Bryan Wise, Senior Director of IT at a global high-tech manufacturer. "Now, by combining Delphix and Pure Storage in our data center, we have connected that agility to greater storage performance and efficiencies that have prepared our architecture for the future."

Learn More: Get a Hands-on Demo of the Delphix/Pure Storage Solution at Oracle OpenWorld
Delphix and Pure Storage will be offering demonstrations of their joint solution and benchmark results at Oracle OpenWorld, September 23-27 in San Francisco, California. To learn more, visit Delphix in booth 1132 and Pure Storage in booth 733.

To register for the event, visit:

Download the results of the benchmark test conducted by Delphix and Pure Storage for free.

About Delphix
Delphix enables agile data, transforming the economics of database and application management. Delphix software addresses the single largest source of inefficiency and inflexibility in the modern datacenter -- provisioning, managing, and refreshing databases for business-critical applications. Leading global organizations use Delphix to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risk of application rollouts, simplifying database operations by 100x, while consolidating redundant hardware by 10x. Delphix is located in Menlo Park, California.

About Pure Storage
Pure Storage, the all-flash enterprise storage company, enables the broad deployment of flash in the datacenter. When compared to traditional disk-centric arrays, Pure Storage all-flash enterprise arrays are 10x faster and 10x more space and power efficient at a price point that is less than performance disk per gigabyte stored. The Pure Storage FlashArray is ideal for high performance workloads, including server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), database (OLTP, real-time analytics) and cloud computing. For more information, visit



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