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Delphix Announces Support for Dell Cloud Marketplace

Delphix Announces Support for Dell Cloud Marketplace

Customers to Benefit from Increased Performance and Efficient Data Management Across Public and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

Menlo Park, CA - November 5, 2014 - Delphix, the leader in virtual data management, today announced its participation in the Dell Cloud Marketplace. As part of an industry alliance, Delphix will simplify data migration, deployment, and recovery, enabling seamless data management across both public and hybrid cloud environments. The virtual data functionality and benefits will be demonstrated by Delphix in the Dell Cloud Marketplace Theatre at Dell World 2014 held this week, November 4-6 in Austin, Texas.

Dell Cloud Marketplace gives developers and IT managers the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage public cloud services and cloud-based solutions from a variety of leading providers via a single, unified console on As a vendor-agnostic, self-service portal, Dell Cloud Marketplace provides developers the agility and functionality they expect from the cloud, while allowing IT managers comprehensive security, visibility and control of the cloud services consumed by the IT organization. With management, governance and security built in, Dell Cloud Marketplace streamlines the consumption and deployment of cloud services, allowing customers to deploy and provision single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments across several users and various accounts.

Using Delphix with Dell Cloud Marketplace, IT and development teams will be able to efficiently manage disaster recovery, staging and development environments across multiple public and hybrid cloud infrastructures, while increasing performance and reducing data management complexity.

"Effective data management is a key factor for successful cloud computing," said James Thomason, Dell Cloud Marketplace CTO, Dell. "Delphix provides Dell Cloud Marketplace customers with a single layer for managing data across multiple clouds, as well as on-premises data centers, so customers can utilize the right mix and variety of clouds to achieve the best results possible."

Delphix is already in use by Fortune 500 leaders across nearly every industry. The Delphix Virtual Data Platform enables application and analytics teams to receive the data sets they require, for development, testing, and reporting, in minutes instead of days or weeks. A survey by research firm IDC found that the average Delphix customer cut its project time to market by 60 percent. Many organizations are migrating their systems to one or more public clouds, and seek a similar level of benefit within their cloud environments.

"Our customers expect to have the data they need, whenever they need it, regardless of their IT architecture," said Dan Graves, VP Product Management, Delphix. "The Dell Cloud Marketplace enables organizations to manage multiple cloud systems, and Delphix enables efficient data management across a customer's cloud choices."

About Delphix

Delphix delivers data on demand, transforming slow, complex, and expensive data management into fast, automatic, and efficient data delivery. The Delphix Virtual Data Platform quickly and automatically delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, instead of relying on complex processes and multiple IT teams to manually move data from system to system. Industry leaders across the Fortune 500 use Delphix to become more competitive by accelerating application projects by 2x, modernizing application portfolios with 50% less workload, and getting better, faster data for decisions and business intelligence. Delphix is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices around the world.

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