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Delphix Announces the Winner of the 2014 Tech Scholarship

Delphix Announces the Winner of the 2014 Annual Technology Scholarship for Women

Vinamrata Singal of Stanford University Awarded Educational Grant Honoring Women Coders; Summer Wu of Yale College Achieves Honorable Mention

Menlo Park, CA - December 16, 2014 - Delphix, the market leader in virtual data as a service (vDaaS), today announced that Vinamrata Singal, a Junior at Stanford University, has been awarded the second annual Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women. She was selected through a rigorous review process of applications worldwide from the United States, Ukraine, Guam, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Germany, and more. Vinamrata has been awarded a $5,000 grant to be applied to study for a technical degree. The Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women is an annual scholarship program that supports women who are pursuing a technical degree such as computer science, mathematics, or information technology. The winner of the scholarship was determined by the Delphix engineering team, which voted on the application that best represents Delphix values.

"Having a diverse engineering team is something I am passionate about, which is why I'm excited about our scholarship," said Adam Leventhal, CTO of Delphix. "Vinamrata Singal's OnCall app is a great example of someone identifying a problem, collaborating with a team to solve it, deploying the solution, and making improvements along the way. This is the kind of end-to-end ownership and creativity we value at Delphix, and I'm delighted that we can recognize her work."

Vinamrata's winning Web application, OnCall, is an app that enables college students to find an on-call Resident Assistant (RA) within a specific dorm as soon as possible. Vinamrata's app was inspired by her own experiences of searching for an RA to contact when her friend got sick in another dorm, and of seeking assistance while living in a larger dorm on campus. She surveyed about 100 students to precisely target the app's functionality, and is currently running a beta test on campus.

"I am so honored and humbled to accept this award," stated Singal. "I am very grateful for receiving this award, both to the judging committee and Delphix. I am definitely inspired and feel encouraged to continue building and hacking on my side projects, and will continue to do so with greater tenacity."

Honorable Mention

Delphix also named Summer Wu, a Freshman from Yale College, an Honorable Mention for her app Heartbeat. Wu was recognized for working to solve a real problem with an app that embraced the idea of the holistic engineer: an engineer who considers the whole system with which an app interacts and that makes a product successful. Heartbeat is an Android app with a user-friendly interface that uses historical data to generate subsequent customizable, unique, workout playlists. During the workout, users listen to music at the same tempo as their run pace to boost running performance. Algorithmically, this is accomplished by generating playlists where the song's beats-per-minute is equal to the user's steps per minute. For example, a song with a high cadence will encourage the user to maintain a certain running intensity or stride frequency.

To view the code behind OnCall submission, visit:  You can also view the code for Heartbeat at:

According to Anita Borg Institute, women make up 18 percent of undergraduate degrees awarded for computer science. That number at top research universities is 14 percent. At Delphix, recruiting efforts have resulted in 45 percent of recent college graduate new hires in 2015 being women from top engineering schools. Delphix believes that the best products are built by a diverse team of great engineers. As a company, therefore, it is committed not only to seeking out and hiring talented women, but also encouraging and assisting them in their technical educations. In order to do its part to help more women achieve technical degrees, Delphix is proud to have created the Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women.

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