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Delphix Enhances Data Security On-premise or in Cloud

Delphix Compliance Engine Enhances Data Security, Governance On-premise or in Cloud

Combines Data Masking, AWS Support to Ensure Secure Cloud Migration

Menlo Park, CA -- June 17, 2014 - Delphix, the leading provider of agile data solutions, today announced that the company has released the Compliance Engine, a new software product that provides enhanced data security and governance capabilities to help companies comply with stringent regulations across a variety of industries. Globally, companies spend over $440 billion for IT-related compliance. Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley for public companies, HIPAA in healthcare, and Dodd-Frank in banking impose major data-related security, reporting, and analysis burdens on organizations of nearly any size.

With applications running on premises, in hosted facilities, and public clouds, companies have to secure data and processes within a dissolving perimeter. The Compliance Engine combines data masking or de-identification with automated data delivery both within datacenters and into the cloud. Built on the award-winning Agile Data Platform, the Compliance Engine collects data from source applications, masks and secures data by policy, and deploys data to target environments to support compliance reporting, scenario testing, data logging and reconciliation, and data loss recovery.

"The number of regulations in our industry continues to increase and be a challenge," said Rick Hopfer, CIO of Molina Healthcare. "All of these regulations demand that we be able to manage immense amounts of sensitive data efficiently and securely, while rolling out new applications that can accommodate the significant influx of new patients. The ability to quickly deliver masked data with Delphix has enabled our team to shorten development cycles, reduce risk and improve environment recovery across our organization."

As new regulations emerge across industries and regions, multinational companies must consider compliance requirements across all of the markets in which they operate. This can add up to tens of millions of dollars in compliance costs each year, consuming valuable IT manpower and systems. To respond to fast-changing regulations, the Compliance Engine features the following capabilities:

  • Agile Masking: Firms that handle sensitive customer or patient information need to minimize the risk of exposing confidential information in the event of breaches or leaks. Data continues to change in applications so masking and data delivery must be continually repeated.  Traditional masking solutions fail to manage the dynamic nature of masking and data delivery, which results in shelfware and data at risk. Agile Masking combines de-identification of confidential data with automatic delivery of data environments to downstream systems. This unique, powerful combination ensures successful implementations.
  • Cloud Ready: The Compliance Engine runs in Amazon Web Services, vCloud-based public cloud services, SunGard, IBM SoftLayer, and private clouds. With flexible engine-to-engine replication and 10x bandwidth efficiency in data delivery, the Compliance Engine can deliver secure data from any location to any location.
  • Live Archive: Delphix captures point-in-time copies of full application stacks--application binaries, files, and database data--that can be preserved for audit or compliance requirements. Instead of maintaining expensive infrastructure to retain copies for regulatory purposes, Live Archive captures data and releases environments, dramatically reducing systems and management costs. When audit or regulatory demands arise, Delphix can deploy environments from Live Archive in minutes--with full data and application functionality.

"Firms in regulated industries struggle to keep up with ever-growing volumes of sensitive data across an increasingly complex array of repositories and locations," said Jedidiah Yueh, CEO and Founder of Delphix. "Many IT organizations cannot keep pace and run the risk of major fines and penalties, which can put the entire business at risk."

The Compliance Engine helps Delphix customers control data, while responding faster and more cost effectively to changing regulations. Regulations like Dodd-Frank, CCAR, and Basel III have risen to the forefront of the global economy to ensure that banks have adequate reserves and liquidity to survive economic downturns and events. These critical regulations set challenging requirements for banks, including the need to run an expanding array of stress and scenario tests, run tests on specific days in the past, and ensure accuracy and lineage of data.

With Delphix TimeFlow, an integral part of the Agile Data Platform, customers can easily spin up scenario test environments at any time, branch as many environments as needed to handle unanticipated testing, quickly bookmark reporting data for later audits or compliance demands, and dial multiple environments back in time for data proof and reconciliation.


The Delphix Compliance Engine is available today. For more information about the Compliance Engine, visit To learn more about Delphix Agile Masking, visit

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