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Delphix Congratulates HPE on Award-winning Use of Data Virtualization

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Deploys Delphix to Support its Corporate Separation, Earns Recognition as Industry Thought Leader

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Deploys Delphix to Support its Corporate Separation, Earns Recognition as Industry Thought Leader

MENLO PARK, Calif., September 27, 2016 - Delphix congratulates Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on its win of a CIO 100 Award for using data virtualization technology to support Hewlett-Packard Company's (HP) corporate separation, completed in 2015. To complete this project, HP had an aggressive deadline of only 9.5 months wherein it needed to divide 6 data centers, 2,500 applications, 300,000 employees, 400,000 mailboxes, 74,000 application interfaces and their network connectivity, 560 IT projects with 4,000 project milestones and a total of 6, 000 new servers built.

A conventional approach to separating HP's applications and databases would have relied on slow, manual processes to mobilize the data needed for regression testing, along with expensive, temporary staging environments. These traditional methods might not have allowed HP to adhere to its deadline. Instead, Hewlett Packard deployed data virtualization engines from Delphix, leveraging a tool that had never been used in the context of a corporate split.

"By leveraging the right tools, we were able to execute this split in just nine and half months with only two hours of downtime," said Scott Spradley, Chief Information Officer, HPE. "Processes like data conversion, regression testing, and data archiving all had to be condensed to meet our deadline, and Delphix data virtualization helped us secure more speed and agility out of our data."

To complete this project, HP virtualized and saved over 21 Petabytes of data storage, allowing HP to retain full copies of historical data without sacrificing budget. The three major benefits HPE achieved through its engagement with Delphix include:

  1. A dramatic reduction in application downtime.

  2. Retention of a complete copy of all its applications, with 70% data compression, reducing infrastructure requirements by over 50%.

  3. Disaster recovery capabilities to roll back the applications in case of accidental data deletion.

"We'd like to congratulate the HPE team on their enormous success," said Chris Cook, CEO of Delphix. "Data virtualization is a relatively new technology, and we're constantly discovering new ways to apply our technology that revolutionize existing data management processes. The HPE team saw a creative application of the technology for their corporate separation, and as a result, they've been recognized as one of the most innovative IT teams in the industry. We're honored to have been a part of their solution."

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