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Delphix Expands Data Platform to Support Oracle Exadata

Delphix Expands Agile Data Platform to Support Oracle Exadata


MENLO PARK, CA - APRIL 11, 2012--Delphix today announced the availability of several key Oracle enhancements in the latest release of its award-winning database virtualization software for agile data management. Delphix redefines virtualization for enterprises through the creation of a new virtualization layer for data.

As the market leader in relational databases, Oracle is a major player in the Big Data arena, and Delphix is designed to support high data growth and virtualized Big Data in the enterprise with support for Oracle Exadata. In addition to supporting new Oracle platforms like Exadata, Delphix has also extended support for legacy versions of Oracle databases to help customers upgrade and migrate from old to new. Specific new capabilities include:

  • Accelerate data migration into Exadata: Delphix can now migrate its virtual databases to Exadata, helping customers move data from multiple sources into Exadata faster and more efficiently, reducing the time required to get Exadata working in production.
  • Virtualize existing Exadata databases: Delphix can now sync with Exadata as a data source, enabling data backup, disaster recovery, and data distribution for development, testing, or data marts, while integrating with traditional backup solutions for tape archival.
  • Virtualization Support for Oracle v9: in addition to existing support for Oracle v10 and 11, Delphix now supports virtualization of version 9 of the Oracle RDBMS, originally released in 2001. This enables Oracle customers to extend their previous investments in Oracle 9, as well as easily upgrade to currently supported versions of the Oracle database.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group, managing data growth and database size is the #1 data management challenge for enterprises, with 51% of enterprises indicating that managing increases in database storage requirements is their top database application infrastructure challenge.

"Controlling the explosion of data growth requires new techniques for managing existing database solutions," said Brian Babineau, Vice President, ESG. "Organizations don't want to throw away existing infrastructure in order to move to the cloud--they want to extend that investment in ways that allow them to capture new opportunities with big data and new architectures."

"Investments in Big Data put even more pressure on IT budgets, driving increases in storage purchases," said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix CEO. "Delphix helps relieve the 'Big Budget' problem by reducing the spending and redundant copies required to maintain development, testing, QA, integration, and operational reporting copies of production applications."

Unlike server virtualization products, Delphix eliminates the storage expansion driven by production databases and the seven to ten supporting copies created in most organizations, relieving budget pressures driven by Big Data. Ten copies of a 30 TB data warehouse would result in 300 TB of storage consumption on physical infrastructure but as little as 20 TB on Delphix. As relational databases incorporate Big Data components like MapReduce into their engines, more and more of the Big Data footprint will fall into relational databases, data warehouses, and their supporting copies, which Delphix streamlines and consolidates.

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About Delphix

Delphix provides database virtualization solutions for agile data management. Delphix software addresses the single largest source of inefficiency and inflexibility in the modern datacenter--provisioning, managing, and refreshing databases for business-critical applications. Leading global organizations use Delphix to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risk of application rollouts, simplifying database operations by 100x, while consolidating redundant hardware by 10x. Delphix is located in Menlo Park, California, and is backed by Greylock Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, two leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. The Delphix Board of Directors includes founding board members for Oracle, Business Objects, Informatica, Riverbed, Imperva, and Avamar (acquired by EMC).



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