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Delphix Introduces New Copy Data Engine

Delphix Introduces New Copy Data Engine to Expand Reach into the Copy Data Management Market

The Delphix Copy Data Engine Builds on the Delphix Virtual Data Platform to Provide Major Cost Savings and Data Protection

Menlo Park, CA - September 29, 2014 - Delphix, the leading provider of virtual data solutions, today announced the availability of the Delphix Copy Data Engine, a new software-only product built on the Delphix Virtual Data Platform. Copy data causes significant issues in terms of demand for additional storage, server hardware, and IT resources, which drives unprecedented costs for most IT organizations. The Delphix Copy Data Engine provides market-leading functionality in the areas of data protection, disaster recovery and data availability, providing customers savings, on average, of over a million dollars annually on storage costs.

Copy data management has emerged onto the scene as a means to reduce the data sprawl created by copies of production data. Gartner, a leading global analyst firm, recently released a research report on the copy data management market, "Copy Data Management Solutions Drive IT Agility and Reduce Storage Cost."  In this report Gartner defines copy data management, highlights the main benefits, addresses the use cases, and provides an analysis of technology caveats.

The Storage Implications of Copy Data

Analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC), estimates that organizations worldwide spend approximately $44 Billion per year storing unnecessary copies of production data. Copy data only continues to grow, compounded by new applications, new instances and regulations for existing applications, greater need for analytics, as well as an overall increase in data volumes.

The average enterprise creates 8-10 copies of every production data source: for app development and testing, for user acceptance, for production support, for reporting, for backup, for compliance archiving, and more. So, a 3 Terabyte (TB) customer database used in a firm's e-commerce system might be copied for developers to use when writing code, for test engineers when testing that code, for business users to confirm the application's accuracy, for business analysts to generate reports, for support engineers to troubleshoot outages, for storage administrators to create backups, and more. The 3 TB production database can easily generate an additional 30 TB of copies. These copies require additional storage, additional server hardware, and a great deal of IT administrative time. While the Delphix Virtual Data Platform provides unique capabilities for application teams, IT infrastructure teams require a subset of this functionality in order to reduce the total cost of storage and enhance an organization's backup capabilities.

The Delphix Copy Data Engine

The Delphix Copy Data Engine transforms the copy data problem by eliminating the need to make and move physical copies of enterprise data, instead creating shared virtual copies that can be provisioned and used on demand. With the Delphix Copy Data Engine, IT staff can manage data copies like any other data center resource: by using flexible software instead of expensive, slow hardware.

Using the Delphix Copy Data Engine, a Fortune 1000 firm can easily save millions of dollars in storage and data protection costs each year. Unlike any other approach, the Delphix Copy Data Engine operates purely as software, running on any server and any storage. Competing products require the use of vendor-specific hardware, causing customers to be locked-in.

The primary uses of Delphix Copy Data Engine include:

  • Data Protection. Recover from outages in minutes and retain 10x the amount of historical data in the same footprint.
  • Disaster Recovery. Enable data replication and sync across multiple data centers; continue operations in the face of data center outage.
  • Data Archiving. Retain data for years, using a fraction of typical storage capacity.

The Delphix Copy Data Engine is available today starting at $60,000 per software server. The solution will be demonstrated during Oracle Open World in San Francisco, September 29 through October 1, 2014, in booth #821.

To learn more about the Delphix Copy Data Engine, visit For access to the Gartner report "Copy Data Management Solutions Drive IT Agility and Reduce Storage Cost", visit,

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