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Delphix Named to the DBTA 100

Delphix Named to the DBTA 100

Delphix Included in Magazine's "Companies That Matter Most in Data" List

 Menlo Park, Calif. June 4, 2013 - Delphix, the leader in agile data management, today announced it was named to the DBTA 100: Companies That Matter Most in Data list, published by Database Trends and Applications magazine. The companies on the DBTA 100 were selected based on their presence, execution, vision and innovation in delivering products and services to the marketplace.

Delphix transforms the economics of database management, cutting application project schedules by up to 50 percent and business intelligence updates by 95 percent or more, while reducing data storage costs by 90 percent. Delphix-powered virtual databases for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are more powerful than physical versions, with the ability to create complete copies in minutes in one-tenth the storage footprint. Delphix virtual databases can be rolled forward or backward in time, or forked into new virtual copies with minimal network traffic and no impact to production systems. Delphix also synchronizes data across sites and heterogeneous systems in near real-time and with complete transactional consistency.

"Beyond the explosion of interest surrounding Big Data, the past several years have transformed enterprise information management, creating both challenges and opportunities for companies seeking to protect, optimize, integrate and extract actionable insight from a sea of data assets," said Thomas Hogan, Group Publisher of Database Trends and Applications. "In response to this, established IT vendors as well as legions of newer solution providers have rushed to create the tools to do just that. This list seeks to highlight those companies that have been successful in establishing themselves as unique resources for data professionals."

"We believe our inclusion in the DBTA 100 highlights the value that agile data can bring to global organizations," said Jedidiah Yueh, CEO and founder of Delphix. "By unlocking data from physical database infrastructure, Delphix accelerates data-intensive projects, such as application development and testing, business intelligence and disaster recovery. Delphix reduces risk while enabling innovation."

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About Delphix

Delphix enables agile data, transforming the economics of database and application management. Delphix software addresses the single largest source of inefficiency and inflexibility in the modern datacenter -- provisioning, managing, and refreshing databases for business-critical applications. Leading global organizations use Delphix to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risk of application rollouts, simplifying database operations by 100x, while consolidating redundant hardware by 10x. Delphix is located in Menlo Park, California.

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