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Delphix Unveils Major Platform Update to Accelerate and Simplify the Application Development Lifecycle with Delivery of Secure Virtual Data

Delphix Unveils Major Platform Update to Accelerate and Simplify the Application Development Lifecycle with Delivery of Secure Virtual Data

Delphix 5.0 Offers New Capabilities That Automatically Secure and Deliver Data to Non-production Environments for Development, Testing, Analytics and Data Migration; Delphix Now Supports IBM DB2 and Complete Oracle E-Business Suite

MENLO PARK, Calif., April 6, 2016 – Delphix today announced a major update to its industry-leading data operations platform, delivering three technology enhancements designed to accelerate and simplify secure application development in the data center and in the cloud.

Delphix 5.0 includes a new data-masking capability, Selective Data Distribution, which effortlessly and instantly delivers masked data into non-production environments. The updated platform also introduces support for IBM DB2 on Linux and Unix, and it expands support for Oracle E-Business Suite. These advancements deliver new levels of business agility and security across the application development lifecycle, enabling customers to maximize their existing technology investments while evolving toward next-generation IT models.

Modern-day businesses need to respond to competitive and market demands more quickly than ever, requiring enterprises to release new software at an accelerated pace. Infrastructure previously was the main bottleneck to fast application development, but today that bottleneck is data--provisioning it, securing it, and managing it in non-production environments. This makes the ability to deliver secure data at speed critical to modern application development practices.

"As global competition increases, enterprises are responding by engaging their customers, partners, and employees through radically improved applications," said Theresa Lanowitz, founder, voke. "Every enterprise should consider deploying data masking and database virtualization to improve the productivity of their application teams and the security of their non-production data. These technologies are becoming required components of the reference architecture for application development tools."

Organizations from a broad range of industries worldwide including banking, insurance, healthcare and retail, as well as government agencies, are deploying Delphix software and seeing dramatic results. Many Delphix customers increase application release speed by 10x while reducing the number of software defects, and finding those defects earlier in the process.

Vertex, the leading provider of comprehensive integrated tax technology solutions for companies of all sizes, successfully deployed Delphix for its development and test environments.

"Using Delphix, we've achieved order-of-magnitude improvements in the speed and efficiency of developing and testing our critical internal ERP applications, and Delphix has become a vital part of our application development platform," said Chris Kohl, Vice President, Corporate Technology and Chief Information Officer, Vertex. "Our vision for Delphix includes extending its use into the software development lifecycle for the solutions we offer to our customers. Delphix is working with us to realize that vision as we develop and deliver solutions that unlock the strategic value of tax for our customers."

Delphix 5.0 seamlessly integrates data masking with virtual data--a combination unique to the industry--and it provides new support for IBM DB2 and expanded support for the complete Oracle E-Business Suite. Updates to the Delphix platform include:

  • Selective Data Distribution: Organizations struggle to secure sensitive data in non-production environments, which represent up to 90 percent of the surface area at risk of data breach. With Delphix 5.0, customers can neutralize that risk by masking sensitive data in a production zone, then replicating the masked data directly to all non-production target environments.
  • New support for IBM DB2: Delphix now supports IBM DB2 on IBM AIX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This helps customers deliver, manage and secure virtual data to accelerate projects for business-critical applications running on DB2 databases.
  • Expanded support for Oracle E-Business Suite: Challenged to respond to market pressures, Oracle E-Business Suite users must quickly release new application features, but they are hampered by time-consuming processes to create development and testing environments. Delphix 5.0 enables fast deployment of secure E-Business Suite environments with multi-node application tiers, enabling customers to dramatically reduce upgrade, patching and customization cycles.

"Speed of development enables IT teams to provide strategic business value for their organizations, but data management and security slow down the process," said Daniel Graves, Vice President, Products, Delphix. "The Delphix platform combines the efficiencies of virtualization with the protection of data masking into a unified, secure data operations solution. Delphix 5.0 is a major step forward in making app dev faster, easier and more secure for a broader set of platforms and use cases, and it helps customers get the most from their existing infrastructure while enabling the hybrid IT models of the future."

Delphix 5.0 is available today from Delphix and its global network of business partners.

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