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Delphix Wins Accolades From Network World, Eweek, Computer Reseller News, And DEMO Fall 2010

Delphix Wins Accolades From Network World, Eweek, Computer Reseller News, And DEMO Fall 2010

PALO ALTO, CA - October 28, 2010--Delphix, the market-leading provider of database virtualization software, today announced that Network World named it one of the 25 new companies to watch. This latest recognition follows several recent accolades, including winning a DEMOgod at DEMO Fall 2010, being declared by eWeek as one of the 16 Hot Companies Running Under the Radar, and being listed in Computer Reseller News' 10 Hot Emerging Vendors for 2010.

"IT organizations have reached the limits of manageability for complex and redundant systems in many of today's datacenters," said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix CEO. "We hope this recent recognition helps validate the need for a solution that can cut through the noise and simplify the database ecosystem-perhaps the largest opportunity for consolidation and cost savings left to be virtualized."

Delphix applies the simplifying concept of virtualization to database infrastructure, turning structured data and its supporting infrastructure into software that operates in a fraction of the space, while preserving full functionality and performance. Public customers of Delphix Server already include members of the Fortune 1000 across major industries, such as technology, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, and SaaS.

Delphix software installs on standard x86 servers or in virtual machines in minutes. In as little as an hour, customers can virtualize database infrastructure and have complete, fully functional databases that operate in 1/10th the space, with improved agility, manageability, and performance. While Delphix consolidates storage and reduces database provisioning and refresh times from days to minutes, it addszero impact to production systems through its innovative synchronization technology.

Delphix Server benefits include:

  • Agile Application Development: database provisioning and refresh can take days to weeks and often involve multiple operational groups; these hurdles can introduce significant delays into project schedules. Delphix automates the provisioning and refresh process, enabling developers to instantly create personal sandboxes or virtual databases (VDBs) that are up-to-date and isolated from other VDBs. With Delphix, developers can cut months out of project schedules and perform destructive or parallel testing to improve overall application quality and performance.
  • Improved Data Resiliency: recovering data in the event of data loss can be unpredictable and take days to weeks, particularly if the last good state is unknown. Delphix's patent-pending TimeFlow technology enables customers to create a running record of database changes; VDBs can be instantly provisioned from multiple points-in-time, with granularity down to the second. This time-shifting capability enables businesses to dramatically reduce the time required to recover from logical data loss
  • Storage Consolidation: The average customer creates seven copies of each production database for development, testing, QA, staging, operational reporting, pilots, and training, with each copy typically having its own dedicated and largely redundant storage. Rather than create redundant copies of infrastructure, Delphix creates a single virtual environment, where multiple VDBs can be instantly provisioned or refreshed from a shared footprint--coordinating changes and differences in the background without compromising functionality or performance. Businesses can realize 10x reductions in database storage costs with Delphix.


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Delphix is the market-leading provider of database virtualization solutions. Delphix software addresses the single largest source of inefficiency and inflexibility in the modern datacenter--provisioning, managing, and refreshing databases for business-critical applications. Delphix founder and CEO, Jedidiah Yueh, was Founding CEO of Avamar, acquired by EMC in 2006, which shipped a billion dollar product that continues to transform datacenters with more than 20,000 customers. The Delphix team developed Oracle database clustering (RAC), used in more than 30,000 Oracle deployments, pioneered data de-duplication with Avamar, and developed the virtualization product roadmap and strategy at VMware during its growth into a multi-billion dollar business. Delphix is located in Palo Alto, California, and is backed by Greylock Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, two leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. The Delphix Board of Directors includes founding board members for companies such as Oracle, Business Objects, Informatica, Riverbed, and Avamar.

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