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New Context Services Partners with Delphix to Deliver Data as a Service Software with New Context “Lean Security” Services and Solutions

New Context Services Partners with Delphix to Deliver Data as a Service Software with New Context “Lean Security” Services and Solutions

Partnership Bridges the Data Management Gap Between DevOps, Compliance and Engineering Teams to Accelerate Software Development Cycles

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 19, 2015 - New Context Services, a provider of Lean Security for software and infrastructure development, today announced a new partnership with Delphix, to feature the powerful Delphix Data as a Service (DaaS) platform as part of New Context's Lean Security services and solutions offerings. The partnership enables New Context to deliver solutions that help infrastructure teams better integrate data management with information security to accelerate application development, ease cloud migration, improve test and policy management, secure infrastructure and enhance compliance.

Enterprises are under pressure to stay competitive in today's dynamic, app-driven world by accelerating application projects and delivering high-quality software to market faster and more securely. Adding to the complexity and time needed to bring these products to market are the disparate teams involved in the development process (development, QA, testing, reporting) as well as new security policies and regulations that emerge across industries and regions. Various tools and processes are available to facilitate code management, but data management remains the greatest barrier to effective DevOps and continuous delivery.

New Context combines DevOps, agile, security policy and compliance technologies into a single services and solutions practice dubbed Lean Security. Lean Security enables customers to effectively develop software and infrastructure that stands up to today's heightened level of cyber-security threats and compliance requirements.

Delphix provides software for creating on-demand virtual copies of full production databases, applications, and filesystems. Delphix software also eliminates redundant copies of data and associated infrastructure costs, and it streamlines data delivery via integrated self-service. Application teams can create as many copies as needed, work on them in parallel without affecting one another, and refresh or reset each copy back to any point in time. For data security and privacy, Delphix software includes integrated data masking to ensure sensitive data is removed from all virtual copies used during development and testing.

New Context services and solutions with Delphix DaaS software offer development teams a number of benefits, including:

  • An easy-to-use interface to manage production-sourced datasets
  • Delphix's sophisticated masking and de-identification functionalities, which are key differentiators supporting the growing need for streamlined development and secure data governance in non-production environments
  • Additional best-in-class data management tools for integrated compliance and security to streamline the DevOps pipeline

The expansion of New Context solutions to include Delphix software enables development teams to receive rapid feedback and deliver much higher-quality products while requiring dramatically less time and effort compared to current data management approaches.

"Delphix Data as a Service software enables organizations to build continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines while addressing data governance, management and integrity," said Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context. "Offering Delphix software with our suite of technology services and solutions strengthens the entire Lean Security approach and advances efforts of the DevOps community."

"Partnering with New Context enables customers to add Delphix data management capabilities to their solutions and connect the siloed development teams working within the organization," said Marc Odenweller, vice president, Channels, Delphix. "Delphix DaaS software together with New Context's core principles of awareness, simplicity, automation and measurement can help customers meet time-to-market requirements, maximize resources and reduce development costs."

About Delphix
Delphix is the market leader in Data as a Service, which helps enterprises accelerate application projects by 50 percent, including cloud migrations, custom development, and ERP rollouts. Delphix provides its DaaS Platform as on-premises or cloud software that automatically delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, instead of relying on complex processes and multiple IT teams to manually move unsecured data across systems. More than 25 percent of the Global 100 use Delphix to deliver data 99 percent faster across development, testing, and reporting environments, driving dramatic increases in productivity while improving data security. Delphix is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices around the world.

About New Context
New Context delivers Lean Security(tm) through hands-on technical and management consulting. We are a team of experts with extensive backgrounds in information security and scalable, secure application development.  Our tools and processes streamline development frameworks to ensure transparent and secure IT software development within DevOps processes. New Context is headquartered in San Francisco.


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