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Orasi Secures Strategic Partnership with Delphix to Optimize Data-Driven Application Projects

Orasi Secures Strategic Partnership with Delphix to Optimize Data-Driven Application Projects

Kennesaw, GA - November 18 , 2014 - Orasi Software, an Atlanta-based quality assurance software reseller and professional services company, today announced a partnership with Delphix, the market leader in virtual data as a service (vDaaS). The agreement will enable Orasi to empower application teams with test and reporting data on demand and self-service controls designed to accelerate software development lifecycles and improve release quality.

Delphix quickly and automatically delivers virtual data into development and test environments, including data in large databases and data warehouses. By virtualizing data in multi-tier applications, Delphix eliminates slow, manual processes, impact on networks and systems, and the need for expensive, redundant hardware.

"Applications have become key competitive differentiators for organizations across all major industry verticals," said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix Founder and CEO. "Orasi and Delphix help enterprises deliver application projects in half the time, with higher quality and data security."

 Orasi's software quality offerings allow customers to optimize testing processes. Delphix vDaaS dramatically improves the quality of test environments by providing self-service access to full, realistic, and fresh test data, which helps customers catch errors earlier in test cycles. In addition, Delphix increases data privacy and security by integrating data masking and obfuscation to eliminate sensitive customer information before it reaches test and development teams. The combination of Orasi and Delphix provides enterprises with transformative solutions for application testing, development, and delivery.

"Delphix is an innovator in the data management industry, and the company's technology aligns with major trends and needs in the market," said Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO of Orasi Software. "Our partnership with Delphix will provide customers with a unique opportunity to utilize and build upon breakthrough virtualization solutions."

About Orasi Software, Inc.
Orasi is a leading provider of software quality assurance services using market-leading test management, test automation, enterprise testing, environment hosting, and mobile testing technology. For over 12 years, Orasi has consistently helped customers successfully implement and integrate software testing environments to reduce the cost and risk of software failures. From initial implementations to enterprise rollouts, Orasi provides the expertise and experience to accelerate your testing return on investment. In addition, Orasi offers on-site training and a three-tier consulting services model to provide the right mix of personnel and services for every company at the right price.

About Delphix
Delphix delivers virtual data on demand, transforming slow, complex, and expensive data management into fast, secure, and automatic data delivery. The Delphix vDaaS Platform quickly and automatically delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, instead of relying on complex processes and multiple IT teams to manually move data from system to system. Industry leaders across the Fortune 500 use Delphix to accelerate application projects by 2x, improve utilization of IT environments by 10x, and accelerate data delivery times by 100x. Delphix is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices around the world.

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