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Delphix Closes Critical Data Gap in Ransomware Protection for Enterprises

Platform Provides Continuous Ransomware Detection, Data Observability

Tech Confronts Its Use of the Labels ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’

The Black Lives Matter movement is prompting renewed scrutiny of diversity and equity in tech—including its vocabulary. Wired writes that companies, including Delphix, are reexamining how technical terms are used in computing and other contexts.

How DevOps Teams Can Get More From Open Source Tools

To get the best from DevOps, tackle your open source strategy in two dimensions: horizontal and then vertical. In The Enterprisers Project, Delphix's Derek Smart shares his thoughts on open-source strategy in two dimensions: horizontal and then vertical.
Press Release

Digital Transformation Leaders Honored at Data Company Conference

JGC Corporation, Michelin, Morgan Stanley, and TD Ameritrade recognized for game-changing use of DataOps to drive digital transformation