Engineering Kickoff - Bringing the Team Together

Bringing people together outside their day-to-day work can have a huge positive impact on the organization, but it’s not always obvious how best to do it.

At Delphix we’ve been bringing our people and teams together for six years and have learned a lot in the process. Whether your engineering org is excelling at connecting your teams or just starting to think about how best to do this, come hear about why we do it, what we’ve learned, and what we’d advise others looking to do the same.

Eric Schrock

Eric Schrock is the Chief Technology Officer at Delphix. He was a founding engineer at Sun's Fishworks group that created the ZFS Storage Appliance product line. At Sun and later Oracle, he led the distributed data management and storage platform integration strategies. Prior to that, he worked on a variety of teams in the Solaris kernel group, including the ZFS, Zones, and fault management teams. He is a leader in the illumos community, holds two patents and has several pending.

Ann Togasaki

Ann Togasaki has been at Delphix for almost 4 years and works in Engineering as a program manager. In her spare time, she leads a grassroots Philanthropy program at Delphix.

Shubho Sinha

Shubho Sinha is an engineering manager in the Delphix Cloud team. He happens to be the 3rd longest tenured employee at the company, having completed 9 years this month. Over those years Delphix has gone from under 15 to 400+ employees, from a product envisioned in documents to a platform providing fast and secure access to data across enterprises. Shubho has been in the front seat for all of that journey. As an individual contributor, he has worked across several product areas, most notably delivering the SQL Server virtualization product and helping build the foundations of the data platform. In his current role, he is part of a team building the Delphix cloud platform.

George Wilson

George Wilson is a principal engineer at Delphix where he works on the operating system for the Delphix Data Platform. Most recently George has developed several key filesystem features which include compressed arc, allocation throttle, single-copy arc, nop write feature, and enhancement for imbalanced LUNs. In addition to working on ZFS, George was the development lead for hyper-v driver support on illumos-bases systems. Before joining Delphix, George was a senior member of the ZFS kernel development team at Sun Microsystems working on features such as LUN expansion, Log Device removal, and Deduplication. He is a technology leader in the ZFS community and holds 3 patents for his work on ZFS.

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