Delphix Data Podcast Series

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Michelin Drives Sustainable Mobility Using Data and DevOps

An interview featuring Michelin’s Group Chief Digital & Information Officer Yves Caseau

Data—the Biggest Constraint in DevOps and CI/CD

Featuring WSJ bestselling author Gene Kim and Delphix CEO Jed Yueh

Episode 6: DevSecOps in a Data-Driven World

DevSecOps evangelist Hasan Yasar joins the final episode of the first season of Data Company Podcast to detail why security must become an inseparable part of DevOps, what today’s software engineers can learn from ancient architecture, and why every person is a data person in the modern enterprise.

Episode 5: Breaking Down the Data Silo

DevOps guru Sanjeev Sharma and Gary Gruver, also a prolific writer and president of Gruver Consulting, weigh in on the need for continuous data for continuous innovation, the future of DevOps, and how to stay laser focused in a tech-driven world. 

Episode 4: Making Data as Agile as Code for DevOps

Marc Hornbeek, also known as DevOps the Gray, joins host Sanjeev Sharma to talk about what it means to automate the data workflow to improve development velocity and time to market, as well as big picture thinking to grow a career in IT.

Episode 3: Building Software with a Modern Data Strategy

In our third episode, host Sanjeev Sharma sits down with IBM Distinguished Engineer Andrea Crawford to talk about making data a core competency, modern software delivery techniques, and why data science is a hot space and career path to be in today.

Episode 2: Don’t Forget Your Data in DevOps

This week, Chris Nowak, director of DevOps advisory and adoption at HCL Software, joins host Sanjeev Sharma to discuss the hard reality of achieving data agility and availability for DevOps and why choosing a path of a generalist can support career advance in IT.

Episode 1: You Can't Buy DevOps

In this inaugural episode of Data Company Podcast, Sanjeev Sharma and Robert Reeves dive into the world of modern software development, focusing on the data layer of DevOps.
Culture & Values

A Decade of Delphix: Let Data Flow!

Delphix founder Jed Yueh shares his thoughts on a decade of helping Fortune 500 companies use data to change their respective industries.