Delphix Data Podcast Series

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Episode 2: Don’t Forget Your Data in DevOps

This week, Chris Nowak, director of DevOps advisory and adoption at HCL Software, joins host Sanjeev Sharma to discuss the hard reality of achieving data agility and availability for DevOps and why choosing a path of a generalist can support career advance in IT.

Episode 1: You Can't Buy DevOps

In this inaugural episode of Data Company Podcast, Sanjeev Sharma and Robert Reeves dive into the world of modern software development, focusing on the data layer of DevOps.
Culture & Values

A Decade of Delphix: Let Data Flow!

Delphix founder Jed Yueh shares his thoughts on a decade of helping Fortune 500 companies use data to change their respective industries.

DataOps 101: Key Concepts on the Self-Service Data Movement for Developers

The DataOps movement’s focus is rethinking data access in the context of speeding up innovation cycles.
Culture & Values

Stand Up, Lift Up: PBWC Attendees Apply Their Learnings at Delphix

Check out this podcast to hear some of the team’s key takeaways from the event.
Data Platform

Why GDPR Will Make Big Tech Even Bigger

Delphix founder Jed Yueh explores the implications, and posits that along with the risks of noncompliance, businesses face an even greater risk: innovation stagnation that might ultimately be their demise.
Data Platform

GDPR: Perspectives From Both Sides of the Pond

The new EU GDPR has implications not just for companies based in Europe but all over the world.
Culture & Values

Engineering Kickoff - Bringing the Team Together

Bringing people together outside their day-to-day work can have a huge positive impact on the organization, but it’s not always obvious how best to do it.
Data Platform

What’s New in Our Latest Release

The latest Delphix release makes data access faster and more secure, while ensuring that our platform is even simpler to use and easier to integrate into your enterprise at massive scale.
Data Platform

Data Friction Chatter Takes Over AWS re:Invent

Data is critical to everyone - it's what businesses are built around. But data friction is the roadblock to making ideas a reality.