Delphix Data Podcast Series

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Data Platform

Data Friction Chatter Takes Over AWS re:Invent

Data is critical to everyone - it's what businesses are built around. But data friction is the roadblock to making ideas a reality.
Culture & Values

An Hour of Code for All

Helping the next generation get comfortable with code
Culture & Values

Kicking off “Weeks of Giving” at Delphix

Tune in to hear more about the upcoming silent auction, Hour of Code, and other initiatives taking place this month.
Data Platform

Bringing a New Dimension to AWS at re:Invent

The combination of the Delphix platform & Amazon RDS helps enterprises accelerate application development, and securely move and manage data in the cloud.
Culture & Values

Delphilanthropy: How a Small Company Can Have a Big Impact

Delphilanthropy is a grassroots volunteer-run group whose mission is to support Delphix employees in contributing to the community.
Culture & Values

Introduction to Culture & Values

The importance of company values, how they affect company culture, and the need for diversity and inclusion.
Data Platform

Data Gravity, Data Friction and the Autonomous Database

Why data gravity is taking over as the new norm for business, and why the friction it causes is the top challenge facing so many today.

How Aligning Data Operators and Data Consumers is Changing the Game

How employing a DataOps approach can break down the silos and overcome the physics of data to unite the two groups in achieving their common goals.